Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blood Spills

The water stains with blood. I fight against your greasy hooks. I try and resist. Maybe I break free or maybe I grow weak and you pull my once lively flesh onto your boat, and I die a fearful death.

From all animals in this world, the ones that have only known to play with us, who have fought battles for us, we allow men to kill dolphins and whales for their meat.

Dolphin meat is deemed inedible by the health association, it's filled with mercury and other pollutants that stores in the fat of the mammal, and yet it is sold illegally as whale meat. How can this still be continuing? Imagine if someone walked into your home and slaughtered your cat or your dog? Your heart would break. You would be inconsolable. And understandably so. Dolphins are intelligent, curios beings. Because of their unique ways, some have believed them to come from another planet. Whatever the belief, they continue to trust us and yet still we reach over the boats edge and murder them.

My heart breaks. Many times. Please be more careful when you choose your meat. I do not believe in unwanted suffering. Any suffering on anything innocent should not ever be allowed. Please be aware where your meat comes from. Please do not support this mass murder any longer. Let us support life and freedom to all of animal kind instead. There are so many humans in this world, trying to make ends meet. I understand that some things get lost in translation. Out of desperation many people try and do whatever it takes to stay afloat. But we are powerful enough to help those with financial needs. Let us help Japan and other countries dependent on whale hunting and help open their eyes that there are other ways to make a living than slaughtering mammals of the ocean.

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