Wednesday, 22 January 2014


A switch.
Like I never lived.

How often do I think about it?

A switch?

Like I've never lived.

From one to the next.

Flicking that plastic icon
on your wall.

There's light.

Now there isn't.

Because that's how it could be.

From one day

enjoying your ham sandwich,
vanilla ice melting from your cone collecting the rest
with your tongue and then
you're no longer here
and the next thing you know
friends, family, past lives
at your funeral.

A switch.

That's what a human life is.

A switch.

To remember?


So make it count.

At least for yourself.

So the next time you look in the mirror
and you wonder am I playing it to safe
too hard
too insane
to mundane
that life
is but a switch

to turn on

or off

because we all want a piece of it.

That slice of life
that isn't just getting what we are given

but to take what we can get.

I love you.

Love yourself.