Friday, 29 July 2011


I wear a cross now
near my heart,
hoping that
I don't fall

I wear a cross
inside my skin,
hoping it will
heal me
from within.

I wear a cross now,

with an open mind,

truly hoping

that it will help
me find..

..what I came for.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Burn Out

You had a chance
to say it right
but the words got muddled
in the fight.
We told you
that flavour is cheap
when in disguise.
Tell me your wonder
in the death of sleep
as you soak
your poison,
as you weep.
You burned
in your flesh
and now
forever you
in your

Thursday, 21 July 2011



Wicked beast
soaked in saliva
lathering the tips
of her eyelashes.


Pink with mud,
its long ventricle
a sloth
hanging from
his bully face.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Brave New World

I can't avoid not having talked about this.

This whole Murdoch and The News of the World dispute. And now? What typical action do people take when they feel they've been wronged? Point the fucking finger at the sonofabitch, create the all mighty scapegoat and cast them out, turning a blind eye and once again return as if nothing ever happened.

Fuck you society.

You're just as much responsible for allowing this to happen. You my friend, have bought the fucking paper, which only further fueled and supported NoW to go to more extremes.

My point is this, how about we stop blaming others for shitty shits to happen and start looking at ourselves and how we live our own lives and begin to take moral action, every single day.

HOWEVER - I also don't agree with how Murdoch is now trying to pull the fucking victim card, like he didn't know what was going on. Have some fucking balls you ancient shit head of a human being. Take fucking responsibility for your lousy paper and say to my face "I am deeply sorry for NOT paying closer attention to my staff and their misdoings. I was sipping Dom Perignon on my yacht it the Caribbean, climaxing as my 30 year younger wife sucked my crinkly-jacked-on-Viagra cock. So yea, please forgive me. Or something."

We are ALL responsible for this world and each other. The whole blaming parents thing is SO fucking 80's and outdated.

You wanna join the advanced human race? Start thinking for yourself. And I mean REALLY think for yourself.

(Apologies for the rant guys. I know anger doesn't get people anywhere. But anger can be used as a fuel for change.)

I love you deeply though, no matter how many times you fall down. It's the getting back up again that makes me proud of you.

Inside My Vagina

Inside my vagina
is a little story teller
with many fables
and tricks
and itty

Inside my vagina
only one true thing
when in the dark
she craves.

One thing and
one thing only;

I love you dark
mystery girl
with all your charms
and whimsy,
you are my one true friend,
you'll never let me down
and you'll always tell me

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Song for You my Dear

I play you a song

from somewhere deep inside,

where I no longer hide,

just for you my dear.

I write you a tune,

where we're no


immune to how

we feel

my dear.

I sing to you

my love;

a little lullaby,

where in my arms


you lie,

my dear.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I'm a Machine in Your Heart

I whisper

in your ear,

'The taste of honeysuckle

on your breath,

soaks my Iron Heart

in flesh.'

And deep inside

you're in my heart

and round and round

you go.