Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I soak deep in your black.

Refine my fiber
of ancient stone art.

And bring me back to
the start.

We once did trust our
and now we soak in our
and fool all others
with a twist
amongst the ancient

in our love it
from and abyss of
Don't forget
our little sweet lies
we told each other
in the night.




Sunday, 28 August 2011


Your sweet tooth
twists my tongue,
your sweet tooth
makes me young.
As you choke
my womb,
as you kiss
my mouth.

You're one thing
I am not.

You're one thing
I forgot.

You're one thing
I missed
in passing.

A minor worm,
you taste
the sour
lips of mine,
you forgot
the poison
that I bought.

So forgive me
when I tripped
beyond your wasted skin
of oily flesh.
Once, I truly believed you
were worth
your petals.
Once, I thought to sleep in your grave,
but only after I
my heart out
in my Juliet
of shame.

Friday, 26 August 2011






A spell of words is like a strain on the wrist. And here I hang like a dead apple from the tree and all I get is the sour puss from your lips. Because all I know is the desperate taste from your lingering words like it was nothing more than a fake Valentine, my love, a fake Valentine, and your skin was rotten from the lies.

So tell me now, from all the twists and turns, from everything, you believed to be true, how can your sour puss be pushed into the cabin of lies where we once fell upon... your spell of lies,

amongst the turn, when our lips kissed the sides of lust?

And I hold your intimate life of all when we fell once into something we could not


a purity, when we knew of nothing, when

we knew and do now know that nothing is the truth,

how can you hold me and think your head is on the poison stake,

when all is but what,

and all is but is,

and I ask you now,

you curse me from within...

A flower once told me
I fed her life;


with every spill
of water,
the answers
to life are

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Post Cards and Reviews

If you're ever wondering if I write for other publications, I have two examples of late right here, below, set as links. So yea - if ya want me to review anything - I can do that - with zest.



Monday, 15 August 2011


We are the monster.

We are the

We are the makers
of this world.

We are the cogs in
We are the law
the money
the material
the children
the lovers.
We are the married,
the ones
as the world goes

We are the monster
the makers
the creators
and the haters.
We are one,
tied together

the beast
of man-kind.

Don't blame your
blame yourself.

We are the monster.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Looting Your Nation

I'm in Berlin, staring at the computer screen, waiting for twitter or FB to update me on what's going on with the riots, which has left my head spinning. I have just about calmed down and have started to give everything more in-depth thought, but without the emotional drama.

In my last blog, I wrote how maybe these children, this so-called 'next generation' (some even define them as the 'lost' generation), are in desperate need of a voice, because society has neglected them for so long. Since then I have read countless theories on why the youth of our time feel the need to react with such violence. Some people claim it's our consumer culture, where these kids have nothing, who see posters of material goods that they think they want, but can't have. Others blame rap music and/or reality TV... (even after first posting this, I read another article, which changed my opinion completely).

However, as much as I am sure most of these kids need a voice, someone to listen to their needs and explain to us where they feel things have gone wrong in their lives, I still can't ignore that their behaviour was a disgusting act of worthless revenge for what seems to be, for no real reason at all but that they had the possibility to do it and what's worse, get away with it...

But wait a second... Haven't we somehow seen this before? Haven't we seen bankers, politicians of England steal our money as well? Just because one's wearing a suit and the other a hoody, does it mean it's less criminal? According to some journalists - these kids actually make the connection in justifying their actions - 'if the man in the bank can steal from his country, then so can we.'

Sending these children to jail however, hasn't really kept them from looting, they're taken to jail for a night and then released because of lack of space within the vicinity. I do strongly believe that we are all born knowing right from wrong, it's in our blood, our instinct and yes, growing up with the influence of our surroundings, can muddy our perception. I can be damn sure, that every child who has broken the law in the last four days, knows they did something wrong, but they did it anyway. Just like every politician who cut back on uni fees knew deep in their hearts that this would have consequences.

But does it only come down to children relfecting the injustice behaviour played out by some of the rich? Or are some issues to do with their surroundings, the neglect from school, parents, society in general? Are those some of the reasons why they seek out gangs, or more gangs seek them, because they know that these baron children need a kind of guidence, another form of family where they feel they are understood?

Maybe this is a kick up the arse for England, to realize that things need drastic change on so many levels, and maybe these kids do need a voice, because I am sure for some, not all their needs are met even with the support they get from the social services. Who knows.

All I can hope for the country right now is that they take this as some kind of warning, that something needs to change drastically, that we should not turn another blind eye and pretend it doesn't exist. Because it does exist and there are many different reasons to why it exists in the first place and it's influencing others to the brink of self destruction.

So lets make sure something good comes out of this. Something that will last.

But that's me being hopefully and ideological.

If anything, we can always make sure that as an individual we are doing something right, and hopefully that will have a positive knock-on effect.

As for the kids? I do hope they really know right from wrong and that it's not too late to save them. I hope they do find a more peaceful way in achieving those things in life that they want most. As for punishment? I see a LOT of community service on the way.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Be Safe

To everyone in the middle of chaos and lawlessness!

Please be safe and take care!

This is a testing time and I am filled with worry for you.

So be safe.


It all began with a Riot

So now England's in a mess.

Something we always knew, but never saw with naked eyes.

Now the remains of hatred and oppression lays strewn and littered on the streets, shattered in the windows, smudged on the walls.

Nothing but anger from all corners of affected life boils over and people chant for these animals to be locked up.

Youths of ethnic minority backgrounds stormed the streets of London and destroyed shops, set houses and cars on fire. And it spreads. Like a virus across the nation.

At first this animal behavior coming from these people, grilled me to the very bone and I became so blind with anger that I wanted the worst for them.

This occupied me the entire night. And with tired eyes, I try and find answers to why this is happening. Not that I am blind to the fact that London/England has been pushing out the poor, oppressing their chances to have whatever they want out of life, and the more we inch our way to this fucking useless over-budget Olympics bullshit, I can smell the sour odors of pushed out poverty as society turns a blind eye.

But my point is the anger and hatred that is spreading like a virus amongst the nation.

In my opinion? This is a wake up call, that the oppressed will no longer be held down, this is a smack in the face for having stayed quiet for so long.

I don't agree with using violence for immediate change, because lets face it, there are a lot of pissed off people out there right now and they want to see these kids locked up, they want to see the iron fist come down hard and obliterate their existence. And the question is - will we allow our anger to once again blind us from the need of others? Or will we hold the mirror up to nature and make a proper change once and for all?

So the point really is - as much as these kids have caused emotional as well as business damages, maybe it's time we listened to them properly, not just talk about listening to them, but actually do it, understanding their needs if we are to really help evolve a community of people who have not had the advantages others have.

I am still angry and pissed off and the animal side of me wants to see them punished, but the evolved human and empathic side says, this is a warning perhaps and they are only children who want what we have, real freedom, so lets listen to them so that we can actually make a long term effect of a difference.

And think of this - we were all children once and some of us reading this have children, imagine your child not having what it most wants; a life worth living.

Make love not war; but also don't ignore those who shout the quietest.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


In not much time, Evelyn knows she is going to die.

She could feel it.

Her skin loose, like a thick sheet of silky paper.
With every minuscule movement, air past through her, cooling
the woven tendons of her muscles.

Something crunched,
her bones no longer felt part of her body, instead they were
bags of sand, heavy and unmoving.

A slight panic starts to rise.

Evelyn looks over and sees her body next to her, now a brittle shell of crumbling
ashes, limp and distasteful.
However a little bit of elegance hangs onto the edges.

With one shaky hand, Evelyn touches herself.
For the last time.
The quirky jerk of her finger tips move hungrily
between her soft flesh, the fine hairs
tickling as she moves her hand deeper between her legs.
And with a gradual build, Evelyn climaxes.

Her heart now thrashing against her chest,

beating her soul into a pulp.

Her breath deep until it runs out.

Her lungs wrinkle as

Evelyn says good-bye.

Monday, 1 August 2011

French Connection! Stay Connected!

Guess what?

Our track VIRUS is scoring a French Connection video promo shot by ever talented Kelly Mitchell!

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Spread the word and the love and get ready for our double A single VIRUS & VIPER coming to you October 3.