Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It all began with a Riot

So now England's in a mess.

Something we always knew, but never saw with naked eyes.

Now the remains of hatred and oppression lays strewn and littered on the streets, shattered in the windows, smudged on the walls.

Nothing but anger from all corners of affected life boils over and people chant for these animals to be locked up.

Youths of ethnic minority backgrounds stormed the streets of London and destroyed shops, set houses and cars on fire. And it spreads. Like a virus across the nation.

At first this animal behavior coming from these people, grilled me to the very bone and I became so blind with anger that I wanted the worst for them.

This occupied me the entire night. And with tired eyes, I try and find answers to why this is happening. Not that I am blind to the fact that London/England has been pushing out the poor, oppressing their chances to have whatever they want out of life, and the more we inch our way to this fucking useless over-budget Olympics bullshit, I can smell the sour odors of pushed out poverty as society turns a blind eye.

But my point is the anger and hatred that is spreading like a virus amongst the nation.

In my opinion? This is a wake up call, that the oppressed will no longer be held down, this is a smack in the face for having stayed quiet for so long.

I don't agree with using violence for immediate change, because lets face it, there are a lot of pissed off people out there right now and they want to see these kids locked up, they want to see the iron fist come down hard and obliterate their existence. And the question is - will we allow our anger to once again blind us from the need of others? Or will we hold the mirror up to nature and make a proper change once and for all?

So the point really is - as much as these kids have caused emotional as well as business damages, maybe it's time we listened to them properly, not just talk about listening to them, but actually do it, understanding their needs if we are to really help evolve a community of people who have not had the advantages others have.

I am still angry and pissed off and the animal side of me wants to see them punished, but the evolved human and empathic side says, this is a warning perhaps and they are only children who want what we have, real freedom, so lets listen to them so that we can actually make a long term effect of a difference.

And think of this - we were all children once and some of us reading this have children, imagine your child not having what it most wants; a life worth living.

Make love not war; but also don't ignore those who shout the quietest.

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