Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Find Your Place

I look back on old pictures, old songs, poetry, writing, and all I can do is smile. Sure things are still tough now, sometimes even harder, just because I'm more aware of everything, and maybe that's why a smile creeps across my face. Right now, I have an old tune riding in the back of my head, no to be exact, right in my ear, even with the volume low, yea, can't escape the past that's for sure. It's an old tune I wrote. Not even that bad either...

Some wine drifts through my body like poison, but it's whats relaxing me at the moment, to look back. Maybe it's not so healthy, but sometimes, when the evenings are still from all the days trouble, it's worth letting her pass through like a sick child feeding from a mothers breast. The warmth of knowing I've lived through some pretty tough shit. And why not? What are we to expect? A peachy turn out? come on. Half of the adventure is suffering through the hardships to love the happy times!

Ah, bless, I ain't here to preach. Just floating a character around like a head on a stick, passed all the battle, letting my head throb from vines stronger than a weed in the wind and thinking, man, I did some awesome shit. And more to come. Maybe less daring, cos I will be thinking about it twice. Man, I was a beauty then as well. More so than I am now. Sure, I got something rather strong about me, maybe even hard, but then, I was beautiful, and you know why? Innocence. Naivety. That's the key to beauty. Stay ignorant. Learn nothing and your face will know no pain. And will show none for that matter.

I laugh now and I'm only 26. But really I'm 50 something baby. But old souls tend to find it harder anyway. For them they're battling a world of knowledge. Thinking they know something more than most but feeling conflicted by the slow pace of the world.

Old me is talking now like a willow tree soaking water from a storm.

Try and live and soak all you can.

I'll hold your hand if you need me too.

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