Friday, 25 June 2010

My Identity

I was once a little girl.
I cared nothing more than to have a doll.
One day this doll turned into
And I loved him.
Then this boy
turned into
a man.
And I loved him too.
One day
this man made me
I was somebody.
I could do anything.
Because this man was
I had a sense of purpose.
I was real. I was human.
And if something went wrong,
I ran to him,
and he loved it all away.
A man in my life,
is a distraction of the real me.
A man in my life,
turns me into a person.
A man in my life,
makes me important.
One day
I will have to learn
that a man in my life,
if not careful,
can become a burden to bare.
Best is to be loved,
once you
truly love

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