Monday, 17 May 2010

Dear Denmark

Dear Denmark,

My name is Yasmine and I am what man-kind calls me a Pilot Whale also known as a Calderon Dolphin. I am only three years old and I am very playful and have so far lived a free life in the Atlantic ocean.

But a sad story is coming.

My family and I have been spotted by your country men and we are being drawn into the fjord in the Faroe Islands by little boats with rumbling engines. I believe the bobbing boats to be friendly and their funny noises amuse me, but now I feel the water decreasing around me as the playful, rumbling boats lead me further towards the beach. My thick, black, shiny skin is growing colder as air sucks on and suddenly something blunt and hard is caught in my blowhole. I am dragged closer to the land where I see rows and rows of your people watching me, the sand grains are rubbing against my belly. Panic is paralyzing me.

I feel something punch me in the sides and the water turns red and I am blind by its sour color. The smell of blood is overwhelming and I realize that it is my own. Once I realize that the red color is pouring from me, searing pain drives through my body like nothing I could ever have imagined and I lose movement in my tail. I am weak now and confused and I don't understand why this is happening to me. I have always been a peaceful creature and now I am floating away. High above, I rise and watch the ocean stain red. I hear the screams from my family and I know that my short whale life has come to an end as man-kind stands by to watch the slaughter of my family.

So I ask you Denmark, even with your traditions, to stop hurting me and my family and for future families to pass through the Faroe Islands. We are only a small number of dolphins and we believe man-kind to be good and curious, just like us. We wish to live and swim side by side.

Please Denmark, maybe it is time to find another food source that supplies your community. No one likes change but good change can mean a good future in the longterm of life.

Thank you,


It has come to my attention that the Faroe Community slaughter these dolphins for traditional reasons. Since the 1700's this community would beach Pilot Whales (Calderon Dolphins) who were passing through the fjord of the Faroe islands and slaughter them. During this time, the whale meat, blubber, skin, intestines were a primary resource for food, oil, rope because the weather and soil conditions on these islands are near to impossible to grow any other food source. However, although the tradition is still up to this very day carried out, the Pilot Whale meat is deemed inedible since the whale has a high content of Mercury, PCB's and other environmental pollutants. So if the meat ain't good for food consumption, are these deaths a waste?

I know it's hard to maintain a tradition in a modern world that is forever changing. But I think change happens for a reason and great change can mean a better future for many. Maybe what was once old fashioned could maybe be re-invented into something better? Also we must remember, tradition or not, the Pilot Whale is under threat of extinction, and not because of natures way, but because of man-kinds way. I know I could never cut through a friendly mammal with blunt objects just for the sake of tradition, but then again I couldn't slaughter a cow and I eat meat. I am not saying become a vegetarian, I am saying pick your meat wisely and if you can't afford a steak that week, don't buy a cheap one, eat other sources of protein. If we all tried a little harder and supported those farmers who take care of their cattle/pigs the meat we would eat would be a happier steak.

And as for the Whaling industry, please stop with these uncontrolled killings. Find other ways to make your money. Find other ways to get your meat. The sea is getting over-fished, we are killing too much, too fast and the world is becoming imbalanced. One day there won't be any fish or whales left in the sea for food, and then what?

React now for a healthy future.



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