Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Perry Farrell on Twitter

"I have found my ultimate reason to live. Before I found her-I was a bug. I want to protect her now, for her I want to win."

- Perry Farrell

I wish a man felt this way about me. I sure have felt that way for one man in my life. And I believe true love is to sacrifice. Give your all. In everything. But people are always afraid to share. Believing it's some kind of weakness. It isn't. In fact, you're weaker if you protect yourself. Sharing your heart is courageous. I never was afraid. No matter how many times love has hurt me. Soon the best will come into my life. Because I know I deserve it. And love will come back to me. One day it will be mutual. And I will feel contempt. With or without someone. But someone, someday, will be my true heart.



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