Thursday, 24 March 2011

A World Within

Somewhere, a world exists, dipped in rose pedals and smashing green vegetation as far as the eye can see, water pouring like runway crystals from all crevices soaked in a rainbow of stalactites. There, lies a home where only a special kind soak the day light from an everlasting morning.

Within this void, lies an abundance of rich love found on curling trees where fattening fruit hang low and greedy mouths of indescribable species suck its groin of nectar.

A glowing ball of hot metal pulses with a heart beat, drowning this world within another with a glowing heat, energizing all that it touches and its irresistible seed spreads and those around it are seduced by its magic.

The air is light.

The mind free.

The heart but a decoration within the chests of those who find its treasure.

Our earth is alive from within. Everything has a heart beat and so does our world. We are but the skin, the shell, protecting the most sacred and fruitful life within our world. And there, with its exotic organs, live the most advanced of its humanized kind that will further breath



It has all the answers.

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