Wednesday, 9 March 2011

White Zombie

Go on, be honest for a change. Really honest, not fairly honest, truly honest, that kind of honesty that almost makes you feel a little sick before uttering the words, that kind of painful truth you've been avoiding and although you turn your back on it from time to time, hoping it will hide and never reappear... There it once again catches you, springing from the ashes. Because lets face it, you can't burn the truth down, because the truth always survives and lives forever, it will remain in the hearts of those who own the truth and it will remain false within the scriptures written by those who felt the truth needed to be altered.

Ever heard of the saying, don't believe everything you read?

Finding truth in art nowadays is difficult, and consumerism, greed has corrupted minds to the point of almost brain-dead people. Materialism has a short life-span of happiness. Internal happiness is priceless and forever but people only want what they can see and touch. They have stopped using all of their senses, which usually results in lack of self awareness.

Welcome to the real life of Dawn of The Dead! Consumerism takes first place. Great for the economy. Great way to control the people.

This is why I have a tendency to feel frustration. It's a mixture of my own self harm (thinking to much about this shit) and of what initially surrounds me. Sure, I can try and close myself off from the world, try and maintain the positivity and keep my heart filled to the brim with love... but that's not always easy (because nothing worth doing ever IS easy) and like every human, I sometimes have to admit, that yes, today, I feel deflated. That's the truth. I feel deflated. I can be working my tush off, reading and researching, feeling inspiration but then sometimes, when the energy's low, BAM, I feel like I'm treading water.

It's a fact - media chooses to filter out certain truths in order to portray another version of it. Real truth can't be summarized by just one individual, one local or national TV station or newspaper. What we read and see will always and forever be, a version thought out by people, who ultimately know they  have an influence.

So what is the truth?

Real truth comes from within. It's your own personal version. One that is completely pure and true to only you. So be critical of others and what they say and be free of pop culture.

A very dear friend of mine is promoting freedom from pop culture and finding the truth in her film.

Together with her husband, Anais and Bill Yeager have been touring around America making a film called Jesus of Malibu. This film is about finding truth, real truth and the disintegration of true art and its battle against popular culture. For five years this couple have been on the road, exploring North America and with just the two of them, written, filmed, acted, composed and edited this film...

Have a look at how the Yeager's managed to fool an entire nation by warping the truth, making an example out of the media for being the culprit of editing the truth!

We all have our own version of the truth and art should express that and not be crushed by following some kind of norm just because that's the way money and fame and success is made.

We should be intelligent enough to know that real happiness and success comes from the journey, living in the moment and that the richness comes from within, not a number on a bank statement.

And even if I'm just one person voicing these opinions, hopefully motivating others, I think it would be a dream if more people were like the Yeager's. These are people who remind me that we are all connected and that real truth can be found if you build your own self awareness and be free from all expectations.

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