Monday, 21 March 2011

Laws of Attraction

Do we really believe we are free? Do we really believe that our politicians care about us? Do we really believe we can get whatever we want?

I believe freedom to be different to everyone. Freedom of the mind and spirit has no rules. It's individual.

I believe that politicians are run by massive corporations who finance their existence and therefore ultimately call the shots and I also believe that most of us accept our fate and choose not to change and fight for what we believe is the truth.

It's quite a painful truth, but this isn't something that brings me down. Not at all. Instead this is something that reminds me of what I am not. This reminds me that everyone in this world has the power to be whatever they really want to be. There is no such thing as democracy, there is only dictatorship that lives behind an illusion that leads us to believe we are in control and that we are "safe".

At least China admits to a dictatorship. Although horrible, it's an honest country. Because lets face it, power is something everyone wants, or at least thinks they want it. And when those who eventually achieve some kind of power, how many actually use it wisely? And those who have used their power wisely, how long did they live within their glory?

There is hope and there always will be because there will always be love.

The only "safety" you can be sure of, is love. Love is the strongest power in the world.

It's taken me some time to understand that I have the power of my own convictions, that if I really want something, I have the power to get it.

The secret? You have to see it, want it and own it. You have to feel the love and positivity that comes with the thing you want, and you will get it.

This doesn't mean you will always get what you want right away. Sometimes, you can get certain things within days, but the big picture stuff takes time, because the universe needs time to develop your path in order to get to where you want.

Adults used to tell me that I couldn't change the world. Something as a child I didn't believe in but as an adult I came to accept. But now I know better. The world can change for the better. Not in one day, but with a process that begins with every single person. The domino effect. It's like a revolution but without violence because the powerful weapons I use? Love and Acceptance. 

You were born for a reason. You are perfect. You are free. Show love, smile even with the darkest cloud over your eyes and you will soon realize, the more positive you are, the more positive the world is around you and the more positive things will happen.

The domino effect.

These are the laws of attraction.

Be pure, be punk and be free.

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