Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Be Pretty

I think in the last two weeks I've been a little bit pessimistic or a better word, cynical or maybe even a better word, depressed...

Either way, these were feelings that I tried to overcome by generating positive thoughts to over ride the bad ones. But sometimes, when the moral is low, it's hard bringing your head up from the water and take a big gulp of beautiful, precious air.

Point is - now I feel energized again. It's always a bit of an up and down ride for an artist. Sometimes you're high and then sometimes you crash below. But now I'm high again, because my purpose is solid and my drive unstoppable. I think to really try and get out of a rut, you gotta try to be active. Even if it means dragging the heavy led of a body out of bed, putting on those running shoes and go sweat for 30mins... You always know, you'll feel better afterwards, energized, ready to rock and ready to roll with the punches.

Exhaustion from being busy doing what you want, is a good nights sleep. Exhaustion doing nothing and living in your mind, is a poor nights sleep.

Today I started interviewing dancers for our next music video. Something I realized helps me feel positive is meeting new creative people, coming together to discuss and explore a project. I think I got excited (and still am) because I started out with a vision of a dance routine in my mind, but by meeting the potential people to work on the vision with, it's more than a thought in my head, it's turning into a reality.

Sure - you can have a vision, dream it everyday, begin the foundations, but eventually you'll need others to build upon the foundations. My vision for the dance piece in the video was a seed, but now I'm planting it as I meet lovely dancers who equally have a passion to create.

So yea - with a purpose comes energy, the good kind that drives the vehicle forward, that gains speed as the purpose increases within its meaning as you define it.

Letting go of all expectations from those around you, including those you have on yourself, frees your mind, spirit and heart.

I am free and sometimes I have to remind myself that I am free,



whatever the


I want...

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