Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Balance of Healing

It's not always easy keeping your goal in mind when you block yourself with negative thoughts. Being an artist can be tough sometimes, trying to stay motivated, positive and recognizing your past achievements as a reminder that you are doing great things. My advice is to always take a step back, from anything you do. It's like painting a picture, once in a while you have to step back, look at the entirety of your work, not just get bogged down to one detail, because while the detail you're working on might be important, the rest shouldn't be neglected either.

I tend to be a positive person. But that's not to say I don't have a bad day from time to time. I'm incredibly passionate and sometimes I talk really loud when I get excited or opinionated. When I drink, especially after a tough day, I get rowdy and confronting, usually amusing or intimidating people. But all in all, I strongly believe and know that great things are happening to me and more will happen. And that's because I have a positive mind. The goals I have in mind, I already have won them. I haven't won them all right now, but the point is, I already believe I have, so my future is already my present. See how that works?

In my vision - I have already won.

Be honest and tell yourself what it is you truly want. Then, close your eyes, see it in your mind and from the point you visualize, imagine already owning this thing that you want. And what feelings does this thing that you want give you? Love and happiness? If so, then you will get it.

Yes, we are constantly threatened with propaganda that induces fear onto the public - but whilst most find fear crippling, I find it motivating. But that's because I am in control of my fear. I've never really felt fear, unless I've been incredibly negative with myself.

And how to rid this crippling fear if it's already consuming you? My advice is to again - see exactly in your minds eye what it is you want, see yourself already owning whatever it is you want, and trust and love yourself whilst imagining yourself owning this thing. Be confident that you will get it. Nothing's stopping you, but you.

Another thing - sleep. I've been having such trouble sleeping lately that my energy levels have been low and I've been finding myself a little bit dysfunctional. Yes - I've been cursed with a loud mind filled with thoughts to the point it cripples me physically. I think the practical solution would be to go for a run. Doing something physical, where the blood gets pumping, the organs fed with oxygen and blood, can have a great effect on your well being.

I think this is what concludes to finding the right balance of healing. Always understand what it is you want. Don't deny yourself anything, be self aware of your surroundings, keep the perspective in place and a good nights rest will cure anything.

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