Saturday, 5 March 2011

Go Charlie Go!

So there's been a lot of hype around Charlie Sheen in these last weeks and although I've detoxed myself from most of the celebrity gossip, this was a case that tickled my curiosity.

Checking out some of the latest footage, Sheen appears gaunt, wild eyed and way too thin for my liking. However, gray appearance aside, I can't ignore the unusual sentence structures this man has let pass his lips. Oddly, I seem to get what he's on about. Does that make me crazy as well? Somehow I understand his unusual ramblings and his seemingly desperation to lay his thoughts down straight, with no BS in between.

Maybe that puts me up there with the rest of the crazies, but you know what? Charlie Sheen is the example of a product Hollywood created and to which he's now trying to break away from. AND CHAOS! Hollywood can't control one of their minions, so GASP, he MUST be nuts.

Best quotes I found on Charlie: 'This boys gone mad, send him to the loony bin' OR 'He's GOT to be on drugs no normal person would talk like that' and my favorite 'He's bi-polar.'

I ain't no psychologist, but just because someone actually stands out for their odd behavior, which challenges people's comprehension of human attitudes, doesn't necessarily mean there's something wrong with them. The real crazies in my opinion are all those fake 'celebrities' who claim fame after being on a crap reality TV show, the real crazies are all those girls and boys watching the crappy reality TV show and allowing those fake 'celebs' to even claim fame for NO talent, the real crazies are all those people who believe beauty is a one standard formula and cut themselves up to look just like everyone else... 

In one of the interviews, Sheen was asked to give a urine sample to see if he was under the influence of something, the results? Negative. 'Yea,' Sheen told the interviewer, 'I am on something, it's called Charlie Sheen.'

We could all benefit from injecting ourselves with our own personal high that comes from within. We should learn to create our own personal cocktail that we mix together when we're feeling down. A cocktail with a dash of confidence, a splash of sexy exotic lemon juice and a twist of love... My own personal cocktail? 'Naughty Nina Never says No'... or just a simple 'Nina Kicks Arse'...

But back to good ol Sheen. (If he's a woman beater, I'll kick his fucking ass with the ends of my high heels) If he appears a little crazy because we don't understand his alien language from Planet Bizarre, because he's actually conjuring something out of the odds, because he's tearing himself away from every single stereotype we've come to accept, then I think we've got to remind ourselves, that having these 'crazies' around actually makes this planet a much more interesting place to live in. I certainly enjoy it, because these people challenge the norm, they make us feel uncomfortable and I believe that's a good thing!

All I'm saying is, to be different is WAY cooler than to fit the norm.

We all wanna feel like we belong somewhere, that's why peer pressure exists, but as you get older, your realize that being your own trend is more fun and with a lot less strings attached.

Charlie Sheen said something that I really dug - he said all his life he'd been pleasing other people, now it was his time to do things for himself...

... and I guess because of that, he's having quite the mid life crisis...

But if you want to avoid such desperate tidal waves of change in your mid 50's, then live your life for yourself,




(And it took one 'nutty' man from ex Hollywood to remind me of that. So maybe I am crazy after all.)

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