Thursday, 9 September 2010

Through My Eyes

Something interesting happend only a couple of days ago, I put up a new comic strip (check here - and shortly after one of my best girlfriends texted me concerned that the comic strip would jeopardize my music career as well as "hurt some people".

I know, putting that strip up could have a small ripple effect, but what I was also doing was displaying my happiness with how my life was moving forward. I never want to have the feeling that I need to compromise my art for other people, because they couldn't deal with my truth. That would be unfair to myself as an artist and to what I believe and stand for. We are all responsible for our own feelings and actions, therefore even if my art, including this blog, has an effect on someone, positive and negative, this is not my problem.

Another interesting factor is, although my recent comic strip is very close to current changes in my life, I am surprised that this one would have such a great reaction, when previous comic panels of mine were even more severe - the amount of times I have referred to slitting my wrists has shockingly gathered little response. So why may I ask, when in times of happiness, do I have to be more wary of peoples reactions than when I have displayed utter despair in older panels?

Of course I have respect to those who I love and I appreciate strong opinions and suggestions, I would be bored if everything was "swell" and "lovely" all the time. I enjoy fire and I enjoy a challenge, but I want to be clear to anyone who has payed attention to my work should know that I am not and will never compromise my work, my thoughts, my expressions through my work for the sake of anyones feelings. Not because I'm a bitch, but because this is my life and I don't want anyone to ever have an influence on it that would prevent me from growing as a person.

The key note in my last comic strip was CHANGE. And I think I have mentioned this in more in-depth detail in previous blogs, that change is upon us, all the time, and that it doesn't necessarily need to be negative. In fact there is no such thing as negative change. Change happens for a reason and it can be very uncomfortable, but believe me, this is good. You want to be outside of your comfort zone at all times. What you fear you should face, not what makes you feel safe. Because there is no such thing as safe, that is an illusion for us to follow, because we're all cowards really until we decide to change those things that make us fat, lethargic and uninspired.

Again, I think sometimes I can sound harsh. But passion was never quiet. Passion for me was always to be loud.


  1. Love your blog and agree entirely. Someone I used to be friends with saw something I wrote and took it upon herself to extrapolate that I was having a bitchfest about her (which I wasn't) and then went on Twitter and publicly bad mouthed me. Terrible eh? When I personally emailed (would never bitch publicly on social networking, very, very sad) I got a "everyone's entitled to their opinion" response. Contradictory no?

    Well, I think there's a fine line between bitching and having an opinion / observing your surroundings. If people don't like you're observations then they shouldn't read your blog and that's the simple fact. Your blog is a cathartic way to organise your thoughts and emotions (as is your comic) - keep it up! :) x

  2. Thank you Claire for reading my blog. For me writing this blog has definitely been cathartic, which is important. That your friend publicly bad-mouthed you is really low. I haven't really had that just yet... oh wait, there was someone on our bands facebook group page - I agreed with Lilly Allens crusade and this stranger decided to give me hell for it... I got him back though - people shouldn't steal music, just like they shouldn't steal food!