Monday, 27 September 2010

My Orange Peel

There's this horrible beast out there. Something that a lot of ads in women's magazine seem to advertise on how to get rid of. It's something that even thin women "suffer" from. Something that appears as little grooves, dimples, the texture of an orange peel... Something we all know as CELLULITE!

Why is it that women have this illusion that the perfect skin is a flawless body coat; free from beauty marks, moles, grooves, acne, cellulite, scars, large pores, blackheads? Is it really in our nature to be critical of how others look or has it been exaggerated through time? No doubt, grooming is a part of human nature, as with any animal, we like a good wash. And some even like to add a little more to their routine. Perhaps the spritz of some perfume, a lather of body lotion, an anti-oxident anti-wrinkle day cream with SPF 15, some foundation, mascara, some blush, a dab of gloss...

But how many of us put on make-up, slap on the anti-wrinkle cream, the anti-cellulite cream, the anti-hair cream, because we genuinely want to and how many of us put on these products because we feel this is the ticket to one-way-beauty?

Check this out - I'm a petite, athletic but with curves (meaning tits AND ass), 5 foot 5 gal, who has cellulite on her ass. Yea, that's true, I got a couple of little grooves on the side of my plump but firm little ass. Oh yea baby. And I like it! I do, I think it's cute, especially when my special someone grabs a boat loud of my cute tush and moans 'this feels delicious'.

Come on ladies. You can focus on the not-really-that-evil orange peel hugging your cute tush, or you can focus on the sexy tush, the curve of your waist, the perky tits, the length of your neck, the dimples in your cheek, the peachy shoulders, the lips, the smile... Enjoy your body for what it is. If you feel crappy because you know you'd feel better with a couple of pounds less, then do what you got to do and get rid of it. I don't really exercise, I kinda go for a run from time to time. I know if I'd run more, I'd feel better about myself, but if I don't run, I eat in moderation. And I don't forbid my body anything. If it wants chocolate, I give it chocolate, if it wants a burger I give it a burger, if it wants a veggie casserole that will take me 3 hours to make, I'll give it a fucking veggie casserole and maybe some extra cheese on top, and enjoy a dinner with my sister. I just make sure I eat everything in moderation.

I know life isn't black and white and people are suckered into all kinds of issues and this usually fuels all sorts of things; if it's over-eating, under-eating, obsessed with beauty products, fashion, plastic surgery... So I don't think for a second this blog could cure anyone right away. But I do think as a woman of our "modern" times it's worth asking, how many women worry more about keeping up their appearences than their passions/career?

I understand that actors in the realms of Hollywood are under enormous pressure to maintain their youth. But are we really just going to accept this kind of behavior? After all, they're setting an example for your daughters. Maybe we cant change the entertainment world, but at least we can stand up and be proud of what nature has given us, and hope that inspires other young women too. The fact that we have 23 year old actresses pumping their foreheads with botox? The obsession for "youth" has catapulted, but to make a decent movie, with heart felt actors saying their lines with dedication... well...

The next time you check out a women's magazine and you find an anti-whatever ad, have a think, do 'I really want this?' Or is 'this imposed on me believing that true beauty is without cellulite?'

If it's natural, it's meant to be. And if you change it, do it for yourself, not for anyone else.

My body is covered in a solar-system of beauty marks and moles. Yea, they can get in the way, the amount of times I scratched a mole off and caused some ugly bleeding, was enough to remove a couple. I was teased in school for having marks on my body. And it made me insecure, I believed it made me ugly. Luckily, the men I shared my heart with, loved them. They thought it made me look unique, special. In the end, I had to see that on my own. I had to see that my beauty marks made me different from other girls, made me stand out, it made me recognizable in a different way. And that's good. Those are the things you want to keep.

I could stare at my face, my body, and pick out the little things I didn't quite like, but that would just bring me down. A painting is only finished when completed and that's how you have to look at yourself, the entire painting as a whole, the mood this painting projects, the feeling, the soul, the brush strokes. And if you have something unique, make sure that's the part that stands out the most, because something unique is what sets you apart from everyone else. It's what people will remember you for.

Do we really want everyone to look the same? Beauty is an endless scope, it's everywhere and it comes in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Do we really want to take such diversity from this world?

One day your beauty will fade into something wiser, something mystical and confident. What will shine through your skin will be your personality that had been developing through the years and made you into a warrior princess.

Spend less time worrying if your hairs all right and spend more time working on your inner self, so that when you reach an awesome age of 60+, you'll have some fascinating stories to tell. People love people, not for their looks, but for their beautiful magnetic personalities.

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