Friday, 3 September 2010

Body Image

We all got something to complain about. In an ideal world, we wouldn't be complaining at all and instead love what we got and what surrounds us.

I think this still could be achievable, but really it's more important to begin with thy self. Look at your body, your soul, your spirit and love it dotingly. The amount of times I have had young women, sometimes even older than me, ask if they looked fat or looked this or that is pretty much uncountable. We all know where these insecurities derive from, the media, and who put the media there? We did. So we only have ourselves to blame. Point is, if you give it life, surely you can also take it away. Maybe that's a bit morbid... What I mean is, and maybe this will sound less frightening, if we gave the media power, we can also take it away, after all, we're the ones buying reality TV, newspapers, gossip, fashion rags... True power comes from believing in ourselves and our own unique beauty.

The amount of times I have felt uncomfortable when girls go off about their body issues... then they turn to me, "so what do you think? Should I shed a couple of pounds...?" Gosh I don't know. If you're that unhappy, change it, but don't turn to me to give you an honest opinion, mines just as easily polluted by what media portrays as the "perfect body image". I mean, I'm also just trying to love and accept myself for exactly who I am, I don't have time to make others feel better about themselves, people should do that on their own.

This is why I stopped buying trash magazines, this even sometimes includes Grazia, which I quite like for it's range of fashion (affordable) and personal, world as well as gossip stories. But this is why I had to stop, the fucking poor influence these rags have had on me. Why should I care what celeb did that weekend, or how bad or good she looks in a bikini...? This is all very negative publicity (publicity none the less) which causes an addiction to see people fail. It's a temporary rush, which quickly needs to be followed by more celebs looking their worst, hence the rising of paparazzi. Once you're successful, you're pretty much alone (unless you've made some awesome trust-worthy friends), because everyone's jealous and all they wanna do is bring you down.

This might sound negative and I am not speaking for everyone, but this is how the media is currently run. It's kind of soul destroying if you ask me.

So yea, you wanna know what I do every morning after I shower? I have this longish mirror in my room, and when I look at myself naked, I point out all the pretty things I see. And then I put on my clothes and feel great. Simple as that. Be positive. If you feel negative, drink a smoothie, give yourself a facial and most importantly, say 'I love you', to yourself when looking in the mirror.

Because we are perfect just the way we are. If we weren't perfect, we wouldn't be here.

So yea, go and celebrate yourself. BTW - this goes out to men as much as women. Thank God men exist though, if there should ever be a great distraction, men should be it, not trash mags...




  2. Cool. Thanks for that. How interesting. Didn't think one could do that... might actually give it a try... xxx