Friday, 24 September 2010

My Dream House

I woke up this morning from a dream that kind of had an affect on me. Not a negative one, not necessarily a positive one, just one that got me thinking. And usually, if a dream's got me thinking I spend my time on the internet researching for its meaning.

And I came up with something rather interesting.

First off, I'll explain what happened. I dreamed of a house, an old large wooden house with history. It had some resemblances with my family home in Switzerland, which is also about 200 years old or so but this 'dream house' wasn't as well refurbished and modern on the inside. The house in my dream had old derelict furniture in it. The beds were hard, the pillows dusty, the carpets and wooden floors chalky. My family was there, everyone but my father. There are other people there, my brothers wife, my sisters best friend and an ex-boyfriend of mine. We hang around in the kitchen, which is also rather old and worn from the 70's era, whilst the rest of the house had a more Victorian approach to it.

After we hang around some in the kitchen, having a bite to eat, we head upstairs for a sleep. I sleep in the master bedroom with my mother and my ex-boyfriend. The three of us share a bed. Obviously this is odd. And my ex-boyfriend then at one point wants to have sex with me, to which I kind of comply to as long as we were quiet and wouldn't wake up my mother. The sex never really comes to fruition, because it just seems too uncomfortable to try and 'do it' with a parent around.

We try and sleep, and I feel uncomfortable in my bed, mostly because the pillow creeps me out. It's all dusty and mangled because it's so old and I could only imagine the various heads that slept on it, so it grossed me out, even more when at one point I thought to have inhaled a boat load of dust as I tried beating the pillow into a more comfortable puff. Ew.

Eventually the sun rises. My mother gets up and leaves the room, probably to wake everyone else up. My ex-boyfriend and I stay in bed, again he tries to pull my knickers off, but I tell him there was no point, too much commotion in the house. He asks me if I feel comfortable in the house, I told him I loved it, but it needed much refurbishment and more light in all the rooms and hallways and I also told him I believed there to be ghosts because the house was so big and the energy wasn't passing through it properly. But I loved the master bed room. Half of the wall leading right up over the roof, was a massive sky light, bleeding sunlight from all directions. I told him the master bedroom must be amazing by night fall, you could probably see all the stars. I also told him that the other thing that bothered me the most was that the house, no matter how beautiful, graceful and full of potential, was right by the street and it could attract robbers.

After I got out of bed, I decided to take a wander around, check out the other rooms. The hallway was very wide, there wasn't much furniture to speak of, only a decrepit bed here and there. I peeked into the bathroom, very briefly, I think my brother might have been in there, with my nephew. The bathroom to my left seemed rather big, with a plump bathtub in the middle and two large basins against the wall. The bathroom seemed steamy, white and kind of fresh from its use. I wandered further down the dark hall, which seemed to be the color of a dank yellow, maybe the old carpets were a mustered yellow. I entered another room, my sisters best friend was in it, she seemed chirpy. The room was a strange oval-square shape, the house was very old, so maybe in time the wood shifted and what was once straight was now rounded. However, the little room expanded into a second bedroom and I could tell that there were once doors separating the two rooms. Maybe one was once the childrens room and the spare little room was the nanny's room. I suddenly turned to my sisters best friend, tears welled in my eyes and I told here, there were so many rooms in this house that we could turn it into an orphanage. Give every child the care and attention it would need.

That's the end of my dream.

When I went through the interpretations, I came up with some interesting prospects. Firstly, the house my dream represents is myself. The basement is the subconscious, the kitchen represents health and well being, the bedroom sexuality, the bathroom's about physical and emotional cleansing and the attic is another form of the subconscious (the less explored etc) and windows represent how you present yourself to the world. After looking into it, I came up with some interesting thoughts.

I was briefly in the kitchen, which could mean my health isn't in the best shape, this makes sense since I am currently trying to battle some kind of flu. The fact that the rest of my experience in the house dealt with bed rooms, this could represent something about my current sexual life, or maybe I put my private life too much on display, or maybe I'm too hung up on my private life that I'm missing out on valuable work time... And why was I sharing the master bedroom with my mother and an ex-boyfriend? The only answer I could come up with; because they are one of the larger concerns in my life, the two people I think and worry about more than I should and they are two people who have had and still sometimes have created a negative feeling inside of me when I think about them.

Next what I had to look at, is the age of the house and how it was decorated within. Well the house was very old and that was visible not only because of the peeling paint, but because of the appliances, the furniture and the lack of furniture. Maybe this could mean that I don't surround myself with enough things that I want, enough people that I would like to be surrounded by and the fact that the house is older than me? Is in need of a bit of repair and a lot of refurbishment? Could mean that I still am not quite where I want to be in my life.

I also think, the fact that there was SO much light in the master bedroom but hardly anything in the rest of the house, could mean that I am not listening to myself enough, that I will only display what I feel comfortable with, that maybe I should try not to ignore the signs my subconscious is trying to tell me.

To interpret dreams is not something I would recommend, but since I believe symbols appear in life, if you want them to or not, I do think along the way to completing our missions in life, things will appear, warning signs, green go-ahead signs, anything. And to dream simply is a way for your subconscious to release any 'trash' that it's been storing up that day. Consciously we can choose what we want to think about and what not, but your subconscious doesn't have that choice, it just takes and takes and then at night time, it releases. This doesn't mean to ignore your semiconscious, on the contrary, I think we should listen to it more often, because it could be one of the purest ways for you to find out if something's right for you or not.

The house in my dream didn't have a cellar or an attic. I think the top floor where I spent the night was kind of the 'attic', after all there were other rooms I hadn't yet explored. Just so you know, this house was something my mind made up entirely, a house I've never seen before in my life. Or maybe I have seen it before... I think that house is me.

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