Monday, 7 February 2011

Motivate, Stimulate and Pray

It's not always easy staying motivated. In fact, the less I do, the less I even want to do. But not since I've returned from Berlin. Somehow the city's given me a new sense of motivation and stimulation pretty much, well, everywhere. That's right. I'm so stimulated with motivation, that I've been running every morning for 20 mins, before breakfast, since I've returned to London. I've also been cleaning out my room, turning it into the dream room I've always wanted it to be. Call it a spring cleaning in winter if you like. Sometimes the mind just needs to be rid of all those sticky cobwebs that I've been putting off.

Somehow Berlin has also helped me return to my confrontational roots. Meaning, I ain't so much afraid of speaking my mind. And it's fucking liberating. I genuinely feel powerful, rooted and ready to rock. I don't want to take shit anymore, not from the promoters, not from friends, not from boyfriends, not from family, not from public transport, not from politics, not from anything or anyone. Because this is my time. My life. My turn for me and only me.

Sounding too selfish for the Catholics? Well let me tell you something. There's only one God, one religion that I follow and that's me. That's right. I am God. My very own God. You can call it a higher self of me that I talk to and that guides me through my journey. Go find a mirror, look into it and start praying to and for yourself. Because there's no one better to pray to, love, motivate and stimulate than you. You're perfect the way you are. And the only rules you should follow are the ones your heart desires.

Stop feeling guilty. Stop preventing yourself from enjoying the indulgences life has to offer. Open that dry heart of yours and feed it with life, love and people. This is it. There's no one gonna save you. There's no one waiting for you to make it happen. It's all up to you. And that should be easy!

You only got you. So be good to you.

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