Monday, 14 February 2011

Keep it Simple

Ever get bogged down with too many thoughts? Ever get confused with too many options? Ever wonder why you seem to always repeat your "mistakes"? Well we've all been there, we complicate things to the point where we don't know where our "problems" begin and where they end...

I've simplified my life down to two things - I keep it simple by always reminding myself of my goal and I do this by keeping my eyes open to life around me.

You see, you can go on analyzing why things in life are the way they are till the cows come home.

You can remember the past, imagine the future and forget that you're in the present.

You can stick as many metaphors to your problems as you want and further try to explain them away and make excuses not to go ahead with what you really want to do. But I strongly believe, if you have that much time on your hands to over analyze everything to the minutest detail, then you're kinda wasting your day away.

How about try and do a little less thinking and even less talking and start Doing? If you feel the fear approaching as you muster up the courage to go get what you want, then it's because you're challenging yourself. You gotta ask yourself, are you gonna let the fear control you? Are you gonna let it be your master? Instead of the Master of it? Because if you have the fear, use its adrenaline instead, use it as a powerful tool to go out there and seize whatever it is that needs seizing.

I'm the best example of using my brain A LOT. Too much at times. But I've learned to balance it out. Luckily I was born a doer, but still, at times, this brain of mine, it just won't shut up, it's constantly hungry and wants to understand everything. And I had to learn to tell my brain to take a chill pill and that I would listen to it when the time was appropriate.

You're in the driver seat. No one else. You might have a passenger once in a while, but that's all they are, passengers, you're the one driving, so stop flapping and step on the gas and feel the speed of the wheels beneath you, let go of all those thoughts of expectancies, rules, what you can and cannot do.

You were born free, don't let anyone else tell you different. Don't let anyone tell you there's only one way to live life, don't let anyone convince you that there is only way to achieve happiness. Because unless you're the one telling yourself what is good for you, no one will know better.

Everyone thinks they have the answer to life and how to live it. But they only have the answer for themselves and that's as far as any truth will ever go. Learn what you need, what you want and be respective of others.

I don't like people preaching, because the only preacher I listen to is myself and I don't need to tell anyone else how to live their lives because by the end of the day, I don't know. I know nothing. I'm just doing my best to be human and an artist.

And while you're out there living your dreams,

never forget to




and that includes


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