Sunday, 28 November 2010

Our Land

The Native Americans had the right attitude. When the French and the English settled on American soil, the natives welcomed them, because they believed mother earth was to be shared, not to be claimed.

I was born in Switzerland and I have a Swiss passport. However for as long as I can remember, I never felt I belonged to one particular place. That's probably mainly to do with the fact that I traveled a lot, lived in other countries and was educated in an international school. If you'd put me on the map, my country would be called 'Everyone & Everywhere'.

At first, when I was younger, having a lack of this identity of where my home was, had its moments of confusion and the sense of belonging was unsteady. But as I got older, I embraced the fact that I kind of belonged everywhere. And why not? Why do we feel we need identity? Why do we feel that a passport or even a job title makes us more 'a somebody' than if one is without those things?

In a recent interview for my band, I was asked what I thought was the worlds biggest problem and what I would do to solve it. A tough one to answer, but I had an inkling... The worlds biggest problem is greed and nationalism. I think they actually kind of go hand in hand. But to keep it simple, if we begin to take responsibility for our own actions as well as for one another, become more self aware, have greater understanding of others and stop seeing people for their passports, skin color, religion, I think the world would become a simpler place.

I am Swiss (by passport and no more). I am not a Nazi. I say this because Switzerland passed a law today that is incredibly controversial. This new law risks on losing trade with other countries, it literally can segregate the country's position within the EU's economic trade agreement AND this ugly law breeches the human rights enactment. The worse part? This law was passed because the majority of Switzerland's people wanted it this way, well the 52,9% of them anyway.

I have not been Swiss since I was three years old. I do not believe in belonging to anything else but to the people I love and these people come from all over the world. This does not make me lost. This makes me found. I am strong enough to stand here and be my own country.

I am my country.
I am my culture.
I am my government.
I am my boss.
I am my skin color.
I am my religion.

You cannot label me. You cannot tell me what to do. You cannot take anything away from me that I am not willing to give.

I give love. I give life. I give hope.

I am you and you are me and this is why I will always treat you the way I would want to be treated.

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