Friday, 19 November 2010

Fear = Adrenaline

There will always be a day or two but no more than three (if you're clever) where a little niggle comes to giggle. The giggle in itself isn't much of a friend because the giggle seems to be a little bit condescending. So there will be a brush or two from the thigh, as I push the little niggly giggly away from me. But usually by this point, the niggly giggly has already latched its fangs into my flesh, sucking at my blood, turning what was ruby red into black tar.

I call this niggly giggly, The Fear.

We all have it from time to time. When life seems rough or you feel lonely or you don't know where you're going... The Fear comes swooping in. At first he seems gentle and kind because there's something rather comforting about him and his elegant grace... But once you give in, your heart speeds up, your blood feels thin and your skin turns pale...

Fear isn't only a vampire that sucks away your energy, Fear changes the way you think and see the world... Sometimes even a sunny day may seem dark with clouds.

How to get rid of The Fear.

Most think Fear is a negative trait. On the contrary! I remind myself that it's a positive feeling to have from time to time. Fear is positive. Fear is survival. Nature would not have given us Fear if it weren't a component that would help us survive through the sticky times.

When my heart speeds up, my tummy turns, my sweat glands burst and my mind races, I know there's something I need to do and FAST. I need to change something FAST, before I become paralyzed.

So the next time you feel The Fear in your life, don't think it's something that's holding your back...

Think of Fear as the Adrenaline that's trying to push you forward.

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