Monday, 1 November 2010

My Positive Mind

My mother told me when I was a kid, that when I fall off the horse, I gotta get back on it. I don't mean figurativly, I mean literally. I'd fall of the horse jumping, galloping, bucking... I'd hit my head, scrape my arms or get dragged a few meters by the stirrup... Yea, those experiences would shake me, but once I dusted the sand from my boots, I'd look up at the beast, grab the reins and swing my legs back onto it and try all over again, no matter how much I wanted to vomit with fear.

I think by nature I'm a woman of comfort and wellness and relaxation. And my mother's a hard ass who'd staple a busted lip together before going to the hospital. So I think I was very fortunate to grow up with someone who pushed me to my limits. I think this is why I'm rather bitter sweet. I've got a sweet soul, I love with every ounce of myself at all times, but I had to learn to be a 'hard ass' at times.

One of my ways to maintain stability in my life, is to keep my home clean and my relationship with my loved ones healthy, pure and honest. If this is all in order, I won't be distracted from my ambitions in life. And being an artist, I learned that I needed this stability, or else I'd get distracted and wouldn't get anything done.

I wanted to write today about positive mind sets. Thing is, this is important, to everyone, to have a positive outlook on life and to constantly remind ourselves of our strengths.

There has been some recent hype and success with one of my projects, my band The Unkindness of Ravens. This is good news, but in the past, even good news only lasted for some moments and then it was back to working our butts off. This is ok. This is normal in the entertainment business. My point is, if you're doing this for yourself, you will realize that being an artist is a life long commitment, there is no end. Some people end once they've had their first major role, some end once they've hit their first million... for whatever reason, some artists stop, but I won't, because I know I am a hungry little lady and I don't ever see my appetite dying.

Having a positive mindset by reminding yourself of the good things, helps you stay rooted, keeps you focused and squeezes out adrenaline, which helps to stay motivated and continue to strive for more. Something I see the opposite of this happening is in football - the minute a player is payed a sickeningly large sum of money, he becomes cocky and loses his focus on being a great player and/or ends up injuring himself, turns fat and/or cheats on his wife. As much as I wish money wasn't a motivator, you have to learn to rise above it, that the real success are the learning curves, the gained skills, the wisdom you've nurtured... however I also understand that I need to eat and pay the bills...

I remember when I was maybe 14 or so, I was in the gym throwing hoops (basketball term when shooting balls into the net). It was a bit of a hit and miss, sometimes it went in, sometimes it didn't. I couldn't figure out how to stay consistent. An older kid, who was pretty much the equivilent to a basketball pro back in the day, had been watching me and came up to help me. He said, that I needed to visualize the ball going into the hoop before I threw the ball, then once I had a clear picture in my mind, I could throw it. So I closed my eyes and saw the ball travelling through the air and sinking itself into the net. I opened my eyes, and lunged the ball forward, and SWOOSH, the ball went in. I tried again and again, and didn't miss once... that is until I got so excited, lost my concentration and the ball stopped going in...

This is life. You gotta see what you want clear as day in your mind first before you go charging through life. You got to believe in what you see. Don't wish things for the sake of it, or because everyone else is doing it, your heart will always be honest with you. And once you're on your way, down the path of good things to come, you will have questions from time to time and answers will appear...

And sometimes there will be obstacles in your way that might bring you down, but like my mom said, when you fall off that horse, get back on it!

Because what's the worst that can happen? You'll feel a bit of pain? Yea, ok, but it's a little bit of pain for a moment versus happiness for the rest of your life.

Because I'm telling you - once you're over that needle prick of pain and you're back on that horse, you won't forget the addictive feeling you get in your tummy when you kick that horse to move faster. You'll become addicted to that feeling, like a crush for the very first time, as the sensation of wind blows through your hair and all you can hear are the rhythmic thuds of the horses hoofs beating the earth as it gallops through an endless green field. And as you kick the horse to go faster, the taste of freedom builds inside your mouth, you're hooked because now, you will always want more...

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