Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Once upon a time, I used to think that love was like a fairy tale. That one day, my prince would whisk me away, marry me and we'd live happily ever after. Beautiful idea, but kind of misleading. Somehow though, I always held onto a little grain that belonged to that fantasy, because somehow, deep down, I thought it could still happen.

With every man I've been with, I truly believed he was my prince, my soul mate, the one to be with for the rest of my life. And our stories together would bloom, blossom and then eventually crumble. I never gave up on love, because I'm stubborn and I don't fear pain that comes with a break-up, if anything, I fear disappointment more. And sometimes I felt more like a fool than someone coming away with another broken heart.

When you feel love, take it by the horns. We only get this one life (as far as we know) and we might as well be the kid in a candy shop. Splurge.

And there's something else. I was a fool back then. Many times. But I'm still a fool now. The difference is, I just choose to be with someone who is equally a fool like me. And maybe being a fool isn't so bad after all. Because you and I, are two beautiful fools in love.

I love you.

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