Monday, 7 May 2012

Stupid in front of the Tube

This is gonna be a rant piece, so if you've had a positive day, then this piece is probably gonna turn things sour. But if you're up for a little steam (and you never know, you might even agree with me) then please, continue. I want nothing more than to entertain you.

Question is, do you own a TV? If you do, even if it's one of those high resolution flat screeny ones, please, do yourself a favor, throw the damn thing out and incinerate it the moment it smashes to the ground. I know, you've spent a lot of your hard earned money on it, you deserve something so pristine and elegant looking. You think you deserve this machine-like-glass because you've worked long hours, sacrificed your social life and so you think you owe it to yourself to come home after 20 hours of work a day, veg on the sofa and watch mindless, vacant entertainment that is created to literally stupefy you.

Well you're wrong.

What you really owe to yourself is to get off your ass and go to a cool cocky hipster rock bar, where live music is being played, where real people, with real soul and real talent, are pouring themselves into something unique and fucking note worthy.

That's what you really deserve to do for yourself. To open your mind and soak up the culture that is decaying in front of your eyes (if you bothered to look up from the television set, you'd see that) and support work/art/creative bliss that's been slaved, bled and vomited over.

Since when is having a 'voice' (as in singing, not voicing an intelligent thought or anything cultured like that) on these soulless talent shows, considered a person to be talented? Oh I can hit a few notes, that means I'm talented... Wow good for you! Guess what, I can also wipe my ass with tissue paper, whilst brushing my teeth and shaving my legs... I guess I must be talented too!

Has our perception of what true talent is completely lost its credibility? And worryingly are people actually that stupid to fall for this lousy entertainment? Or are most people aware of the vacuous experience these shows create, but choose to shrug their shoulders, say meh, I don't care enough just wanna get on with my life and leave the entertainment business do what it does best - brain wash me into thinking this is high-quality-time-worthy music?

That would be worse. Because that means you choose to no longer have a soul.

Our so called televised 'culture' is literally about stupid people watching other stupid people being stupid. Oh joy.

If people spent half as much time out in the real world, supporting real musicians, as they did in front of the tube, I am sure the entertainment industry broadcasting their vapid shows would put in more effort in providing actual talented people (who can do more than 'hit a note'), simply because viewers would develop higher standards.

I could just ignore what goes on around me, not write my opinion on this matter and return to focus on the positives, surround myself with like-minded individuals who inspire me, and get on with my painting or whatever... But today? I wanted to rant, I wanted to write about the demise, the lack of shame, the losers that we suddenly put on a pedestal, write about and 'love' and 'admire' for all their dumbed down way of existence. It's like we don't care about quality. The dumber, the better.

Because really, who wants individual thinking? Who wants to raise the bar, when it's easier to lower it to the point where we're trudging through our own bile juice.

I mean come on, isn't it easier to be surrounded by dummies than someone who questions everything? God forbid, someone might even have an opinion.

Anyway. Rant over. Thanks for reading.

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