Sunday, 30 January 2011

You Can't Make Me!

I refuse to leave Berlin. At least in my heart. This city has reminded me of the possible things. This city offers a chance for artists. It's open and curious. Just like me. It's like I found a best friend who understands me.

BUT, we will be back in the summer!

This entry's subject is about getting shit done. A little blunt, I know, but it's the strongest way I can put it. Yes, as an artist, I suffer in various ways. And that's good, because I think to suffer means to care. I think to understand the good, you got to face the bad. But the irony is, the "bad" doesn't actually exist, because all the obstacles you attain are actually something positive, leading you into the right direction.

I think to be an intelligent artist in today's time, you've gotta understand the infra structure of the business side. That's what I do. I understand it and I work around and sometimes with it. There's almost no real point in getting someone else to do the brainy work for you, unless they offer it, for free. hehe. It always astounds me when I see artists depending themselves on other people because they genuinely believe that they can't do the 'businessy stuff' on their own... I personally believe that's an excuse and it's lazy.

We're living in a time where record labels are going out of business, hence the walking pop star clones and the terrible music that goes with it... I bet Lady Gaga (and anything RnB) is what's keeping the record labels from drowning. My point is, we have no choice but to do it all on our own if you're seriously interested in achieving artistic enlightenment. And if you stick with it, eventually people will come to you, not just the fans, but other people who will take a load off once in a while. You believe in your work and the product's worth selling? Eventually people will catch on.

We're all made out of the same material and personalities are NOT genetic and we shouldn't be blaming our parents for our problems. I think with every new chubby baby that's born, it has the potential to do whatever it likes. I understand that nature has its way of molding us, but we can all rebel against that and do what we want... 

We just need to require two things - Passion and Practicality.

Two P's for a Perfect world.

My aim? Fucking return to Berlin asap. And how? Well, there are a couple of things we gotta sort first, mix and master Album, promote the shit out of it in London, save up money for Berlin and head on down there for two months in the summer and tour, do festivals, make money to cover the costs... The point of that? Increase fan-base by creating awareness of music and sell records and merch.

See? Passion AND Practicality!

I think life should be taken by the horns. There is no safety in life but to give and receive love.

Live every day like you're gonna die tomorrow.

I'm gonna die tomorrow so I'll fucking live right now, in this very moment.

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