Wednesday, 13 October 2010

And They Will Fall...

"...And they will fall into the depths of forgetfulness..."

I had a ghost whisper into my ear this morning. I tried to listen. I believe she wasn't alone. Two girls. Sometimes giggling, yet very content in sharing something of importance. Both sounded very young. But they promised me something. And that was that the children of yesterday will fall into the depths of forgetfulness, but that I needn't worry. I wasn't them. They promised me that much.

So I researched their words. And I discovered that there are two kinds of worlds split by two kinds of children; those children from yesterday and those of tomorrow. Those of yesterday follow the steps of history, where time and growth stands still, never moving, and who are a slave to what is already laid out for them.

Children of tomorrow are filled with life other than what they see. They create new versions of life, something that will fulfill them, something where their roots will grow deep into the ground. And although the children of tomorrow are a minority, all the more special they are, and will be remembered for it.

Which child are you?

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