Wednesday, 1 February 2012

In and out of Love

I'm going to say it straight.

I know nothing. I really don't. I only know what's worked for me and what hasn't.

In my young life, eager to learn, I have come to understand that we can choose our thoughts. We can choose our feelings. We can choose how to live.

Like attracts like. So understand now, that what you attract, is what you want.

I feel blessed today and for days to come.

Is it in the stars?


Or am I in control of the stars?



maybe it's because I have worked hard for the things I want?


maybe it's because I have opened my heart and allowed myself to be happy, to embrace love of all kinds and to

give love in return?

When I love, I forgive.

I love.

I love you.

I love.

Life can be as complicated or as easy as you want it to be. You are in the driver's seat, you make the choice.

In words, on paper, it's always easier said, than done.


And for some it can be a longer, tougher road to overcome their troubles, because roots grow deep.


But it's all perception.

However you want to see it.

Always remember though,

you are breathing,

so everything's ok.


right now,


a lot better than if you weren't breathing.

I am fine.

I choose to be.

And I choose to be fine in the days to come.

I choose.

I have choice.

I make my decision.

Make yours.

I love.

You love.

We love.


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