Tuesday, 18 October 2011

To be a Woman...

To be a Woman:

1) Make sure you're under weight at all times, under weight means you have power.

2) Never have wrinkles, to have wrinkles means you're old and old women suck.

3) Have a career, whilst simultaneously be a full time mother, and "serve" your husband (which really means making him feel like he's still the 'bread winner' to the family), because if you don't achieve any of those things, you will be criticized.

4) Never have more than one lover, unless you want to be recognized as a whore.

5) If you're a woman working in politics, please make sure you look hot at all times or else you won't be taken seriously.

NB - Women of the modern world; follow these 'rules' of society influenced media, because only then will you be taken seriously.

Good luck out there!

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