Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dead Skin

Some days ago, I burnt the roof of my mouth.
I made some broth and not letting it cool down long enough, I took a few sips, and scalded the top of my mouth. Along with the searing pain, little blisters formed, the surrounding flesh became tender and I found it hard to eat without getting distracted from my self inflicted wound.
I've burnt this area a number of times, I'm clumsy like that, and having had experienced blisters such as these, I usually pop them with my thumb, by pressing up against the blister, giving it a nudge until a salty liquid cascades out from beneath the tender pocket.
However, these blisters this time, are too small, so I allow nature to take it's course, and begin the healing process in its own time.
This morning I ran my tongue alongside the top of my mouth, the skin felt like rubber and as I twirled my tongue round and round along the dead skin, I manage to peal it off. In clusters, my tongue gave my mouth a nice little chemical peel, and shining out from beneath the dead horizon, appears new, fresh, young, never been touched, skin.
It only took a matter of three days if not less, for this damage to heal.
The reason why the mouth heals so quickly is because it's always wet and saliva acts like an antiseptic to avoid infections.
If only the mind could heal as fast as an injury inside the mouth.
If only the heart could mend as fast as an injury inside the mouth.

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