Monday, 20 June 2011

You Have to Be The Cure!

Today we had an amazing music video shoot. I have never been blown away by such talent and focus as I was today. Communication was key today and that never faltered. Everyone was calm, driven and eyes were sparkling.

There's something magical about creating something that begins as a seed in your mind. Forces of all kinds of talent came together today, 20 June 2011, and together we created a masterpiece. To grow as an artist, one needs to graduate from every project and move outwards and upwards, always reaching for the next big thing, never having fear and never saying 'this is as far as I will go'.

There is no stop sign. There is only the accelerator and your foot pressing down on it.

It's days such as these where I know my dreams can also be walking memories.

Every step is a step to something you want, even if it's small, it will always make a big difference later on.

I love you for giving me life and soul and to be human is my freedom.

(My Dancers)

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